Amis is an app- powered, on-demand tour guide service for smart phones. It provides a simple platform for travelers to connect with local friends who know the region and can make the experience for travelers more enjoyable and convenient.

Meet new people

Meet new Amis (Friends) to show you around and talk about the city. Experience new cultures, traditions, foods and festivals.

Customize your own experience

Do you like art? hiking? good food? natural scenery? You choose your experience!

View city's profile

Go through what other people have done in the same city. It might give you some ideas of what you'd like to experience.

Add to your profile

Take pictures and add to your profile as well as the city's profile page!

Whether visiting Chong Khneas, one of Cambodia’s floating villages, hiking on Mt. Olympus, Greece, or just enjoying a traditional cuisine in Hangzhou, China, with Amis, a traveler can have a personalized and authentic experience anywhere in the world while building connections.


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